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About Us
www.efecllc.org is a 21st century educational consulting services. It is a global educational firm operating primarily online, and cloud-based approach. We value all our customers and satisfaction guaranteed is our proud. Meeting the client’s needs is our priority.

efecllc Team: Lianie Jean, Senior Partner @ EFECLLC.K-12™ ; EFECLLC Media Services, EFECLLCSTUDIO.com (EFECLLC Media Services), American Express, Chase, GeoTech University & GeoTech Publishing™ |

efecllc.org Partnership Relations are based on credentials, trustworthiness and professionalism.

Overview of efecllc.org Consulting Services are provided online using mobile accessibility or designated sites with membership relations. To learn more about Our Past visit us: efecllc.timeline.history.

Our Services at a Glance |EFECLLC.K-12 ™ | EFECLLCSTUDIO.com (EFECLLC Media Services) | Academic Enrichment Coaching | Career Readiness | 21st Century Professional Codes Development |

Research in Education at a Glance: | Educational Administrative Roles | Educational Technology | Environmental Education | Influential Leadership Theories | Divinity in Education | Higher Education Systemic Responsibilities | Professional Codes for 21st Century Skills |

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Our responsive time frame is based on volume of inquiries, availabilities of consultants and location. Normally, our commitment to respond via internet based is within 24-48 hours. Our Multimedia Virtual Connection is highly recommended during higher response volume.

Welcome To Educare For Exceptional Children, LLC
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Featured in: New York Chamber of Commerce 
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