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The mission of Educare for Exceptional Children, LLC is to facilitate greater access to differentiated instruction and meeting the developmental needs of children diagnosed with autism. 


EFECLLC’s vision is to transform the lives of children with special needs and maximize their potential.


A humanism-holistic model facilitates the development and growth of exceptional children.


To engage educators in sustainable professional development.

To maximize the learning capacities of children.

To inform stakeholders of effective teaching practices that impact children's learning outcome.


Promote collaboration among stakeholders in education for the benefit of maximizing the developmental needs of children. 

Proactive Leadership approach in meeting the developmental needs of children.

Conduct ongoing research and provide professional development for educator to have greater access to effective teaching practices.


Autistic children

Exceptional children

Professionals in special education

Community based centers


Educare For Exceptional Children, LLC is proactive in implementing governmental rules, regulations and special education policies that govern educational practices. EFECLLC facilitates greater student engagement through research and professional development. EFECLLC differentiates instructions based on developmental needs and growth. EFECLLC seeks to transform lives of children with special needs in a collaborative approach. Our future networks are: 

Universities and training institutions

Special education law makers

Schools and Nonprofit organizations 

Community Based Organizations 


Some of Educare For Exceptional Children programs are: 

*      ABA therapeutic services

*      Academic support

*      Professional Mentoring and Coaching 

*      Social skills enrichment program

*      Leadership training in special education.


Educare For Exceptional Children, LLC mission is to provide therapeutic and academic support for children with special needs. EFECLLC is proactive in staying abreast with effective therapeutic practices and proactive in meeting governmental rules, laws and regulation that govern leadership responsibilities.


Industry:       Education and Professional training 

Type:             For-Profit

Company Size: 1-10 employees

Founded:            2002


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