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Residence Hall ABC of EFECLLC

The ABC's of EFECLLC Residence Hall Accountable mindset is valuable. Blessed to bless. Clean after self collectively. Due date for rent is the 1st of every month. Energy saving is good. Forgive always. Gratefulness is good. Hierarchy that works for us: (mutual understanding to mutual consent). Individualism is meant for differences in choices. Jolly time is meant to be shared openly. Kindness is appreciated. Love one another. Mind your own business. Network wisely. Absolutely no intentional damages. Pay more earn more. Question the unknown timely. Recycle on Thursday nights for collection. Show respect for shared spaces. Trustworthiness create opportunities. Understanding individual differences is vital. Value progress for happiness, joy, peace and laughter. Wisdom work. Xenophil characteristic is a plus. Yard maintenance is a reflection of your success with the environment. Zealous about the future.