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Our Approaches EFECLLC professional development plan can range from a single workshop to a semester-long of training. Our approaches to professional development may include these research-based methods: Case Study Method  – The case method is a teaching approach that consists in presenting the students with a case, putting them in the role of a decision maker facing a problem. Consultation  – to assist an individual or group of people to clarify and address immediate concerns by following a systematic problem-solving process. Coaching  – to enhance an individual’s competencies in a particular skill area by providing a process of observation, reflection, and action. Mentoring  – to promote an individual’s awareness and refinement of his or her professional development by providing and recommending structured opportunities for thought and observation. Communities of Practice  – to improve professiona

Welcome to Educare For Exceptional Children (EFECLLC), LLC

Fall 2019 Welcome to Our Consulting Firm, Educare For Exceptional Children, LLC (EFECLLC) is a reputable and innovative management pedagogic consulting firm, established to collaborate with organizations attaining to achieve the 21st century school learning needs. Likewise, we respect other culture of institutions in missions and visions. Here are some of our goals: To engage educators in sustainable professional development. To maximize the potential learning capacities of children. To inform stakeholders of motivator and effective teaching practices that impact in children’s learning outcome EFECLLC is proactive in delivering professional development geared towards implementation of governmental rules, regulations and special education policies that govern educational practices. Our strategies of coaching and training facilitate greater student engagement through research and professional development. For example, by differentiating instru