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EFECLLC 2020 Web-Updates

EFECLLC 2020 Web-update [ Subject to change] About Us is a 21 st century educational consulting services. It is a global educational firm operating primarily online, and cloud-based approach. We value all our customers and satisfaction guaranteed is our proud. Meeting the client’s needs is our priority. efecllc Team : Lianie Jean, Senior Partner @ EFECLLC.K-12™ ; EFECLLC Media Services,  (EFECLLC Media Services), American Express, Chase, GeoTech University & GeoTech Publishing™ | Partnership Relations  are based on credentials, trustworthiness and professionalism. Overview of Consulting Services  are provided online using mobile accessibility or designated sites with membership relations. To learn more about Our Past visit us: efecllc.timeline.history. Our Services at a Glance  | EFECLLC.K-12   ™ |  (EFECLLC Media Services) | Academic Enrichment Coaching | Career Readiness | 21st Century

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EFECLLC Residence

SEA in Education Survival Kit at EFECLLC.K-12 Virtual Suites Table of Content Rental Space Available A Prayer for Your Virtual Suites The ABC's of EFECLLC Residence Hall ABC of Godly Character Ideas for Environmental Project Proposal How To Dispose Waste at our Residence Rental terms and Condition in addition to a standard (optional)  signed lease Complete the SEA Budget Security Deposit (SD) Request Form Ideal for Virtual Enterprises & Affiliates Rental Space Available Are You Looking to Share Space in Brooklyn? Clean & Quiet block Ideally College Professors or Professionals Close to University in Brooklyn 🚌Close to Sears & Close to buses: B41, B49, B44, B103,  🏪Close to Shopping amenities 🚊Walking distance to trains: Q, D, 2 or 5 to Beverly Road                          A Prayer for Your Virtual Suites I plead the blood of Jesus Christ my Savior and my Redeemer over all affairs of 342 Virtual