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Short documentary participation request

Script idea: EFECLLC is proud to present a short documentary on contributors leading into the 21st century education and the timeline of Who's Who in Global Education. These contributors are educators from around the world. We began with: Early Childhood (e.g: Maria Montessori timeline leading into the 21st century)......... Leaders in Education Psychology Education Science Education Mathematics Education Technology Education Business Education Sports Education Social Science & languages The script requirements: Provide an loadable database  featuring educators from around the globe contributions leading into the 21st Century. This should be a 3-6mins documentary. This may include, not limited to improving the script, providing permissible pictures, video clips & citations. The profile may feature background of people from around the world who paved the way for the 21st Century Educational institutions and or contributed countries (e.g.):  United States

Academic Enrichment Center-Shadowing

Who: efecllc-Consultants What: Established an innovative Academic Enrichment Center Where: Onsite When: By appointment How: Shadow by appointment for a reasonable consulting rate Fe atured in: New York Chamber of Commerce  Follow US: |  LinkedIn  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Youtube  | | Google+   |    |  Instagram  |  Medium  | | Educare For Exceptional Children, LLC | | Phone:  (877) 262-3332  |  Snapchat  |  Skype | Google Hangouts |