5 Strategies for Creating Success at Educare For Exceptional Children, (EFECLLC)

An Introduction to the 5 Strategies for Creating Success 
· Rebuilding the Infrastructure for Success
· A Reformed Education through Environmental Education and Memberships
· Joining the Cloud, Mobility, and Productivity of the Digital Transformation Arena
· Raising Global Awareness in Leadership Consultancy, Professional Development, and Educational Coaching
· Global Philanthropy Engagement and Formation of Partnerships

Educare For Exceptional Children, (EFECLLC) LLC’s greatest strategies for creating success focused on accountability, transparency, and trust. EFEC incorporated in 2002 in New York State, established as a preschool special education services to address special needs children. EFEC embarked with a motto to “Maximizing Your Child’s Potential.” The driven ramifications for the adoption of that motto are based on the principle of servitude leadership in education, teacher empowerment, students’ engagement, and parental involvement.

In Special Needs Children

EFECLLC’s framework of operation is geared towards meeting the needs of children first, believing that they all have the potential to learn and grow to be golden citizens. However, challenges in the establishment of the infrastructure compelled Educare For Exceptional Children to establish as an LLC in Delaware, to engage in educational research and business development. There were new roadblocks to circumvent to realize and remain in good standing.

Welcome back to NYC in 2014
In 2014, EFECLLC re-established in New York State as a cloud-based educational organization. In digital marketing, we have used an apple visual cue to communicate our establishment in NYC, or have characterized as in “the big apple,” “an apple for the teacher” and being cognizant that all children are, “the apple of our eyes” in caring for them. In a more profound, divine, and biblical meaning, this apple depicts EFECLLC’s principle in business practices. 

That is, according to Epistle to the Galatians: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” These nine attributes of a person or community living are believed to bring much more profound and successful results.

Global Philanthropy Engagement has been EFECLLC’s passion since 2014! Join Us in giving back to the global communities and support BioTech Foundation, (BTFI) Inc., ecological awareness practices and helping to eradicate poverty. BTFI is an established 501 ( c)(3) nonprofit organization. We encourage all stakeholders in all communities to visit: www.biotechfoundation.org


Let us celebrate the accomplishments of those in education through the Who’s Who in Global Education Network. www.efecllc.me


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