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How to CLEEP

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C ommunities: "It takes a whole village to raise a child" (African        Proverb) EFECLLC Community Members
L iquidity"Something money can't buy," in every thing pray.
E quitable:Virtual Equity
E ducation: "Education is not a one size fits all."  Who's Who Among Global Educators
P rogress: Market trends aligned Align with Progress


Our Timeline in relation to private and public sectors: 
2019📲👥 Differentiation of No Par Value 🎯 Par Value based on #CAA in alignment with partaking individual role players as per @TIAA, @TRS @GeoTech University™ @GTU Trust Funds of #CLEEP & #MembersParticipation through Events (optional)
2018📜 🌐 Growth in Cloud-based integration & social media broadcast. Google+LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube |Instagram | Medium |

2017🎆 EFECLLC Promotion for Cloud-Based Ed Consulting
2016 📈 The following data Sources as noted:
2015🔔 The following data Sources as noted:
2014🎦  EFECLLC Published on YouTube 2014 & Philanthropy Research Project
2002-2013🗽📁 The following data Sources as noted:
Integration of a global theoretical framework & national Benchmark References noted herein:

Better Business Bureau
Harvard Business Review
Yale Law Journal
Columbia University School of Education
Wall Street Journal
Financial Times 
New York Stock Exchange
Chamber of Commerce
Federal Res…