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Math Readiness Assessment Tools

Some basic principles about learning mathematics:

(1) Based on Einstein 's point of view about an individual may be intelligent by mean of referendum. That is 'no need to remember anything  or everything'.  This is evident for learners in 21st Century learning approach utilizing #internet, #cloud, app, software or other tools such multiplication table. Understanding basic principles is more important.

(2) Cognitive development is crucial for learning styles which require several teaching styles. For example, an individual may learn better with manipulative, visual prompt, accessibility by association ™, technological devices and more.

(3) Motivational factors including power for engagement, repetition, and retention are assessment for learning not just math; perhaps across the curriculum.

Developed by: Dr. L. 🙆🍎🎰

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Short documentary participation request

Script idea:
EFECLLC is proud to present a short documentary on contributors leading into the 21st century education and the timeline of Who's Who in Global Education. These contributors are educators from around the world. We began with:

Early Childhood (e.g: Maria Montessori timeline leading into the 21st century).........Leaders in EducationPsychology EducationScience EducationMathematics EducationTechnology EducationBusiness EducationSports EducationSocial Science & languages
The script requirements:
Provide an loadable database  featuring educators from around the globe contributions leading into the 21st Century. This should be a 3-6mins documentary. This may include, not limited to improving the script, providing permissible pictures, video clips & citations.

The profile may feature background of people from around the world who paved the way for the 21st Century Educational institutions and or contributed countries (e.g.):

 United States of AmericaPuerto Rico  Virgin …

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